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Are you Summer Ready with Decorative Pots for Plantation Indoor?

We know the harsh nature of Sun, the sun becomes are the best friend in summers and even if we want to maintain a distance it sticks around., We all pray for getting the cool breeze in summers, The greenery that is hard to find.

But with a little effort that too just sitting and choosing one of your wishes, you can enjoy the cool breeze and can have a peaceful and cool place to sit and relax. And yes, maintain a distance with your Best friend “SUN”

Here goes the list, Plants that will not only provide cooling at your place but will also add beauty at your place, The greener the more peace.

• Areca Palm
• Aloe Vera
• Weeping Fig or Ficus tree
• Snake plant
• Baby rubber plant
• Boston Fern
• Golden Pothos

These Decorative Pots will add beauty to your mini garden as well as will be good for your lovely green peace.

1. Yellow Rectangular Pot  (Rs.1,869)

For more details, click here 

2. Orange Plastic Rectangular Pot (Rs. 757)


For more detail, click here

3. Rectangular Planter Pots  (Set of 2, Rs.2,289 )

For more details, click here

4. Mushroom Tub in Red Colour ( Rs.965 )

For more details, click here

5. Brown Wood Pots (Set of 4, Rs.551 )

For more details, click here

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If you want you can add hanging pots too

6. Wrought iron wall bracket with a metal bucket (Rs.1,600 )

For more details, click here

7. Black Steel Wall Hanging Flower Holder (Rs.910)

For more details, click here

8. Iron Wall Planter with Red Wood Box (Rs.1,800 )

For more details, click here

9. Pink Hanging Bucket ( Rs.796)

For more details, click here

10. Stool in Natural Finish  ( Rs.9,374)

For more details, click here

11. Brown & Gold Metal Cage with Led Light Fountain ( Rs.3,459)

For more details, click here

12. Four Seater Picnic Table in Distress Finish ( Rs.19,374)

For more details, click here

This Table is optional, If you have enough space it’s a must then, Worth the price. All these products are available on Pepperfry only. One store for everything.

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