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Distinct dining table ideas, create your own.

Food, yes with food we all have some or the other story, We all love food, and some are an extreme foodie!
Mealtime is counted as most important times of the day, The dinner times are important yes, the entire family gathers and have a common table to have food and share their day’s experience, The dining time somehow makes sure that we are connected with our family.The ones who live outside the house, like the ones in PGmeal times provide the ideal pause in a hectic day.

So, do we need to love our dining area more? YES, you should. Playing with colour, arranging the chairs, space-enhancing, texture, accessories are important.

For instance, eye-catching centrepieces, mixed seating and wall accents can help in creating a differentiated area.

Browse the distinct dining table ideas for your dining room.

1. If you don’t have a much of dining space, carve out one, by placing a table against a wall. Add a dose of brightness to it with a vivid tablecloth. Fun elements such as posters, wood and metal figurines and small potted plants or succulents can go a long way in the décor.

Solid Wood Four Seater Dining Table

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2. If you’re one for controlled and restrained décor choices for your dining space, get inspired by a minimal style. That include only wooden table and chairs. You can complete the look with only two accessories –pendant lights and Carpets or rugs, that provide the only burst of colour in the dining area.

Wood Two Seater Dining Set

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Novo Two Seater Dining set

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3. Live it largely with a maximal décor scheme in your dining area. In this styling n your dining space, all the elements need to work in tandem to not overpower each other. Similarly, chairs with a plain cushioned seating will help the area look decent.

Solid Wood Cushioned Four Seater Dining Set

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4. Sometimes, it’s the details of the dining area that enhance the larger picture., the frame on the walls, bright blue dining table covers and chairs with mismatched upholstery come together to create a modern dining space. Placing a simple centrepiece allows the table’s colour to shine in all its glory.

Wood Six Seater Dining table

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Available on Pepperfry, You can mix match your pieces of furniture like the chairs and tables but make sure to place the dining set near a good décor wall and use decent décor, small potted plants but not too much of elements. These are few of the available dining table ideas.


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