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Holding Your House Together: Trendy Keyholders

Keyholders are the lifesavers for many. If not for them, most of us would have lost our keys and would be breaking locks all over the house. Keyholders are also quite useful in keeping your house organised. If there are more than one residents at your home, a keyholder seriously saves some asking time from each member, everytime a lock has to be opened. Saving you some trouble, we have listed below some exclusive keyholder designs which are best suited for your home no matter which theme you’ve picked up for decorating your abode.

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1. Wooden art keyholder


From angry birds to peacocks to even tiny cars, you can grab various designs carved out of wood for your keyholders. These keyholders add the x-factor to your home’s entry.

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2. Pocket keyholder


A keyholder which also becomes a magazine stand, isn’t this just awesome? This keyholder saves you the hassle of looking for bills or business cards as you can hoard them in the box given along with the keyholder.

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3. Keyholder with shelves


Keyholder with shelves, as given above, can help you to place important things like watch and wallet along with the keys. The next time you go out of the house, you will definitely not forget to take the essentials with you.

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4. Ethenic keyholder


This ethnic keyholder will up your decor quotient to a great level. Its perky and ethnic design is sure to grab the attention of the guests and the bright colours won’t let you forget your keys anytime!

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5. Single keyholder


If you have a studio apartment, you will have just one key i.e. to the main door. You don’t need a keyholder with lots of hooks. It will look empty and missing something. A single keyholder like the one given above is then the perfect one for you.

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6. Cabinet holder


Don’t like to hang your keys outside? This cabinet keyholder will keep your keys hidden and safe. You can also lock this keyholder itself if you want to place it outside your house beside your main door.

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7. ‘Keys’ keyholder


A key holder that says ‘Keys’, now how will you ever forget to put the keys in the ‘Keys’ and take them out when needed? This keyholder will give your house a contemporary look.

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8. Hippie keyholder


If you have a hippie theme for your house, this 70s Volkswagen classic van keyholder is sure to add a little more of the theme to your house. Plus, it looks cute!


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9. Deity keyholder


Most people like to have an idol of a God or Goddess at the entrance of their homes. If you are one of them then this deity keyholder is the best for you. You can choose from a lot of deity idols like Krishna and Ganesha for your keyholder.

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10. Multiple keyholders


If you have a lot of keys to take care of, you can go for this multiple key holder set with three keyholders. You can assign each keyholder with a particular room or set of locks to get more organised.

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