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Top 5 Mistakes When Procuring Furniture


A dark valley

Embarking on the journey of procuring furniture from India holds immense potential, offering a diverse range of supplier options with a large pool of blue-collar workers and craftsmen. However, navigating the intricate landscape of international sourcing comes with its set of challenges. In our experience, we’ve come across the “Top 5 Mistakes When Procuring Furniture From India,” and we delve into some critical aspects often overlooked by buyers.

From the common error of fixating on the wrong city to the perils of relying on a single point of contact, this blog post serves as a guide to steering clear of pitfalls and ensuring a seamless furniture procurement experience. Join us as we unravel the intricacies, providing insights that can transform your sourcing strategy and lead to successful collaborations with Indian furniture manufacturers.

Once you read this blog, you’ll have a high-level idea of the general problems in your sourcing strategy in procuring furniture from India. To know more in detail you can write to us at [email protected] and we’ll show you some precious data about an efficient production cycle.

What is a Sourcing Strategy in Furniture Trade?

Sourcing strategy in the furniture trade involves the systematic approach to identifying, evaluating, and engaging suppliers to procure furniture products. It encompasses various aspects such as supplier selection, negotiation, and relationship management to ensure a seamless and efficient supply chain. A well-defined sourcing strategy is crucial for furniture businesses to optimize costs, maintain quality standards, and mitigate risks.

In the furniture trade, sourcing strategy examples include establishing long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers, conducting thorough market research, and implementing robust quality control measures. Insights into sourcing strategy in the furniture domain emphasize the importance of diversifying the supplier base, maintaining transparent communication channels, and leveraging technology for streamlined procurement processes.

A successful sourcing strategy in the furniture trade involves a comprehensive approach that integrates aspects such as supplier diversity, risk management, and cost optimization. By aligning sourcing activities with business goals and market dynamics, furniture businesses can enhance their competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth in the industry.

Focusing on the Wrong City

Delhi India GateDelhi India Gate

One common pitfall in furniture procurement from India is fixating on major cities like Delhi and Mumbai, which are relatively far from the supplier they will be sourcing from. When it comes to furniture procurement from India, many businesses make the mistake of focusing solely on major cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

However, it’s important to consider sourcing agents in India who can operate effectively in tier 2 cities, like Jodhpur.

Sourcing agents in Delhi and Mumbai may not be able to easily commute to manufacturer locations in tier 2 cities, where the majority of furniture production takes place. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with sourcing agents or a sourcing company who have a strong network and presence in these tier 2 cities to ensure a smooth procurement process.

Picture of Jodhpur Clock Tower
PClockTower, Jodhpur. Pic by: Manish kachhawaha

The real India furniture production powerhouses, like Jodhpur. Jaipur and Moradabad are often overlooked. These tier-two cities give you access to better supplies and you just focus your efforts on sourcing companies.

These companies are much more transparent than the ones operating from Delhi and Mumbai because you get a first-hand account of what’s happening with your order. This is essential when sourcing from India because a guy is not calling another guy to take updates on your order.

Imagine a company in New York City, produced in Texas to save their cost, but that cost is not directly translated to you. It’s because the expenses of operating a business in New York are simply too much. You can easily avoid these inflated commissions by broadening your search beyond the metropolitan hubs.

Neglecting Industry Expert Consultation

An image showing a QA person checking a furniture
QA professional

Directly engaging with suppliers without consulting an industry expert can lead to manufacturing challenges. Global sourcing from India becomes smooth when you have an on-the-ground expert near the supplier ensures regular visits and course corrections, offering valuable input during the production process. You can engage with furniture sourcing companies that have a quality assurance specialist to assist you with important course corrections.

A quality assurance lead or manager acts as a bridge between your expectations and the factory’s capabilities, ensuring the final product meets your standards. A quality assurance manager also leads a team of quality checkers.

Choosing the Wrong Payment Mode

Sourcing raw materials

Falling into the payment mode trap is a common error. Some manufacturers demand a hefty 50 percent advance, disrupting the balance between production pace and payment. Ideally, you should choose a flexible payment plan that aligns with the production progress. This encourages suppliers to stay committed to their orders, maintaining focus and adherence to timelines.

In a clearly stated legal document contract, payment terms are crucial for outlining the expectations and responsibilities of both parties involved in the transaction. These terms typically include details such as the payment schedule, method of payment, late payment penalties, and any applicable discounts.

By clearly defining payment terms, both the buyer and the supplier can ensure a mutual understanding of financial obligations, reducing the risk of disputes and promoting smooth transaction progress. This encourages suppliers to stay committed to their orders, maintaining focus and adherence to timelines.

In furniture manufacturing from India, your sourcing company will do this for you. After all vendor management is also one of the most important functions of a furniture sourcing company.

Selecting the Wrong Supplier

An image showing a frame of a couch
Frame of couch

The absence of a reliable furniture sourcing partner can lead to choosing an unsuitable supplier. Constant communication gaps missed timelines, and failure to meet quality standards are signs of a subpar supplier.

To avoid such pitfalls, invest in robust factory auditing support on the ground. This ensures transparency, adherence to quality checklists, and timely updates throughout the production process.

Over-Reliance on a Single Point of Contact

Quality assurance engineer looking at furniture made of hard wood
QA Specialist

Relying solely on a single furniture sourcing agent can be risky. A comprehensive approach involves partnering with a sourcing and procurement company equipped with specialized teams—product development, design, quality assurance, and logistics support.

This multi-faceted structure reduces the burden on a single individual, enhancing efficiency and minimizing the risk of oversights in the procurement process.

In addition, you get other services like logistics management, supply chain management, market trends in furniture manufacturing, and some degree of demand forecasting.

The way forward!

Hardwood furniture India
A furniture Cabinet

As we draw the curtain on this blog about the top mistakes when procuring furniture from India, it is our sincere endeavor to empower you with the knowledge needed for a successful procurement journey.

By steering clear of the common pitfalls discussed, you can unlock the full potential of India’s diverse furniture market. Remember, the key lies in looking beyond the glittering metropolises, consulting industry experts, crafting flexible payment plans, selecting reliable suppliers, and embracing a comprehensive approach to sourcing.

The journey to efficient furniture procurement starts with awareness and strategic decision-making. If you yearn for more in-depth insights and valuable data to optimize your production cycle, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

Your successful collaboration with Indian furniture manufacturers begins with informed choices and a commitment to a seamless sourcing experience.

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