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Useful Hacks For Putting Wooden Crates To Use

There are tons of DIY videos online which keep us hooked. There are so many things that we want to create just how they do it in the videos. Here’s an idea to get your creative cap on and make something awesome out of something that might be lying in your garage for a long time. These are wooden crates. You will be surprised to know the number of ways in which wooden crates can be reused at home. Have a look!


You can place a tempered glass piece over the crate and make a great coffee table out of it. Invert a wooden crate and it serves as a perfect rustic table for your living area or a side table for your bed.



You can organise your home full of toddlers by keeping a wooden crate in the corner of the room for all their toys. It will be easy to just toss the toys into the crate after they are asleep. You can also stack your bathroom essentials like towels and shampoos on crates kept one over the other to form shelves. Wooden crates are also good for storing magazines and books, either as a shelf or as a holder.


Flower Planter

You can even plant some flowers in the wooden racks and maybe grow some veggies of your own in it!

Wine rack

You can make a criss-cross shelf inside the crate and use it to stack wine bottles.


Boot Rack

Big boots do not usually fit into the shelves of shoe racks. You can use a wooden crate as a boot rack for your boots.



Cut the crate into a half, paint it beautifully and use it as a tray to serve drinks to your guests.


Get creative or rather crate-ive!


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