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Best 5 Designer Foldable Wooden Tables for Small Spaces

Small space in the house? Why the comfort to decrease? For the ones who have less space in the house, need something that can accomplish the all-in-one idea like Foldable tables. Especially for the ones who live alone and have not enough space to keep those huge tables like computer tables, side tables, centre tables around. Your comfort does not need to decrease, all you need to get the all-in-one product, unlike the foldable table, this is what you want.

A foldable table not only adds a character but also touch of colour to your home. When you are thinking of buying a folding table, then prefer good quality wood like pine wood, sheesham wood, and mango wood with a fine polish on it. The polish will make the table not just great to look at but also sturdy and durable compact. The best part about the foldable table is that they can be carried anywhere like for picnics, or you can use them in your balcony as a side table or in the bedroom. Thus whatever purpose you have these tables will surely fulfil.

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Here are some Finely crafted designer Foldable wooden tables that will serve your need.

1. Designer Wooden Side Table-Portable and Foldable Table

Designer wooden side portable and a foldable table is perfectly designed for accompanying you anywhere and everywhere.

Available for Rs. 1,599. Click here to know more 


2. Nutcase Designer Side Foldable Table

A nutcase designer side foldable table is a compact style table. This can also be used a coffee table.

Available for Rs. 1,599. Click here to know more 


3. Furniture Multi-Colour Folding Table

This multi-colour folding table is a classic style table being modified with modern-day needs. This is a feast for classy table lovers to get this compact form of a table.

Available for Rs. 2,500. Click here to know more


4. Nisar Handicrafts Wooden Folding Table / Coffee Table

Nisar Handicrafts wooden folding and coffee table is beautifully designed and crafted for table lovers.

Available for Rs. 2,399. Click here to see more


5. Designer Folding Wooden Side Table-Portable (Foldable Compact Bed Side Coffee Table)

This designer folding table is most suitable for fashion lovers and teenagers. Colour combination and design for this table makes it attractive.

Available for Rs. 1,599.  Click here to know more

All these finely crafted Foldables that will serve your need and are available online on Amazon with the price range of Rs 3000/- only. These tables are WATERPROOF, STAINPROOF. Also, Regular spills and stains can be easily removed and the colours will last long, very long.


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