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Bedside Tables For Constant & Consistent Support

Bedside tables serve as the limbs for your bed. You sleep on the bed but everything else is taken care of by the bedside tables. They are by your side, literally, every time you sit on the bed. It won’t be wrong to say that they are your constant and consistent support. They take care of your valuables like watches, eyeglasses and they also keep your coffee from spilling. It is definitely not fair to not give importance to them. So here’s to the long due recognition for bedside tables. We bring you a list of bedside table with unique designs to choose from for your bed. Have a look!


1. Side table with magazine holder


Most of us read before going to bed. The book takes up a lot of space on the usual table. This bedside table solves that problem. It comes with a drawer and a magazine or book holder to keep you bedtime novels safe.

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2. Cabinet side table


Give a vintage look to your bedroom with this cabinet bedside table. You can keep a lamp on the table and the rest of the stuff goes into the cabinet. The cabinet design provides for more storage space below the table.

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3. Simple sleek side table


Those who love all things tidy, this simple and sleek bedside table will suit you best. The table does not store anything but hold on to everything, from flower vase to coffee mugs. You can easily clean the table without removing it from its place.

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4.  Net cabinet side table


This stylish looking side table is best suited for low height beds. The net door of the cabinet helps to see through all the stuff that is inside the cabinet built under the table. To keep stuff hidden, it has a drawer too.

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5. Max storage side table


This is a rather long side table but just one is enough if the other side of your bed touches the wall or a window. This side table comes with ample storage in both its drawers and the square-shaped cabinet. It looks quite classic too.

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6. Godrej side table


Keep your side table ultra safe with this product from Godrej. Godrej is known for its quality which is not lacking at all in this side table as well. The side table comes with a glass shelf and a steel drawer while providing room for books between the two.

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7. Round side table


Round side table is quite a unique idea to decorate your bedroom. This round table comes with three drawers having enough storage space to keep all your stuff intact. Its round shape makes it quite attractive while fulfilling all the requirements of a regular rectangular shaped side table.

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8. Hanging side table


You can also hang your bedside table. Yes, it is possible with the above hanging side table. Just fix it to the wall and you are good to go. It holds lots of heavy stuff and is quite durable and easy to clean.

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Bedside tables are quite supportive, aren’t they? Get a couple of them to your bed to experience comfort with the luxury of having everything right there by your side.


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