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5 Affordable Wooden Wall Shelves under Rs 1500

Usually people say there is a big difference between the words “Home” and “House”. If there is four walled cubical structure with some gates and windows, people generally call it a “House”. But if that house is inhabited with a family, some pretty pictures on the wooden shelves and a television right above another shelf with music player and keys on it, some real beautiful crockery set right next to the kitchen wall, over the pretty and beautiful wall shelf.

To be more precise a home is home with the beauty within. And to garnish the beauty of the house we have some really pretty wooden shelves for you to choose from.

So here is the list of top 5 wooden shelves which can fit in pockets of any Indian.

1 Furniture Cafe Vincent Corner Wall Shelf

The Zig Zag Wall Shelf fits perfect in any corner of your home or office’s wall, and looks good with any wall colour. 

Now it’s available online on Amazon, BUY NOW

Furniture Cafe Vincent Corner Wall Shelf, Available on Amazon
  • Primarily material used in this wall shelf : Engineered wood. 
  • Easy to assemble at home. 
  • Price Range: Rs 939 INR 

2 Santosha Wooden Wall Shelf 

Wooden Wall Shelf are perfectly suitable to keep beautiful showpiece items and it gives a completely new look to your home. Similarly, Artesia wooden intersecting wall shelf has three rack sets and it is made of MDF wood. 

Now it’s Available online of Amazon, BUY NOW

Santosha Decor MDF Wall Decoration Intersecting Floating Wall Shelf on Amazon

  • Assembly – It required just minor assembly, you just need to fix all 6 screws In-wall & Hang on It, everything come along with the packing.
  • Price Range: Rs 1299 INR Only

3 Artesia Brown , Wooden Wall Shelf

This one is a rustic style wall shelf with three racks. Please be aware that you do not get defected piece,  and scratches on it. 

This is available on Amazon, BUY NOW

Artesia Brown , Wooden Wall Shelf on Amazon

  • Assembly: It does not required assembly, as it has two key hoes in the back side of it, all you need to do is drill holes on the wall and plug in it. 
  • Material: The wall shelf is crafted of Mango Wood. 
  • Price Range: Rs 1109 INR Only

4  Bluewud Aaron Wall Decor Book Shelf

This wall shelf can be utilised for various objectives in the home, like a bookshelf or a decor shelf, or a utility rack in the kitchen. And you can further gift it to your family or friends, coz it is one of the best & economy gifts.

This multi purpose wall shelf is available on Amazon, BUY NOW

 Bluewud Aaron Wall Decor Book Shelf on Amazon
  • Assembly: It is already assembled. 🙂
  • Multipurpose Solid Wood Rack
  • Price Range: Rs 849 INR Only.

5 Bluewud Louis Decor Wall Shelf

Louis wall shelf is another good example of multi-purpose shelf, can be used as a bookshelf and a decor shelf. 

This wall shelf is available online on Amazon. BUY NOW

Bluewud Louis Wall Decor Shelf on Amazon
  • Assembly: The shelf required minimal assembly at the customer’s end
  • It is crafted with MDF high grade wood
  • Price Range: Rs 1158 Only. 

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