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Tumblr Makeover For Your Room In 6 Easy-Affordable Ways!

Scrolling through the internet and wondering what is it that makes rooms other’s rooms look so different and aesthetic as if straight out of Tumblr? Wondering on the money it requires to set a room like this?


Stop wondering. Here are 6 things you need in your room to make it look picture perfect. Let us start a budgeted makeover:

1. Mirror

Today, a mirror is not a necessity, it is an accessory for the room. The better the mirror, the better is the mirror selfie!

Dressing tables are for the previous generations, now is the time to go for bold and non-contemporary mirrors.

All you have to do is buy a mirror, cut it in the shape you want and decorate it!

It is okay to have non-framed mirrors.

2. Plants

With all that pollution outside, how about something that naturally purifies the room and adds to its beauty!

Yes, there are plants meant to be kept indoors. They help in calming the aura around.

It is not necessary to keep big plants around the corner, even small ones like bamboo or bonsai are great for the look and health.

3. Rugs

No matter the size of your bedroom, a rug can be placed anywhere. Next to the bed, below the study chair, in front of the closet or even just in the middle of the room. It helps you maintain cleanliness and is another aesthetic for your room.


4. Light holders and candles

Lights add the most dramatic effect to your room. They set the mood for you and hence are essentials. Apart from the fitted big tube-lights and other LEDs, there’s always room for decorative lights and even candles. Oh, scented ones add to the good aroma too.



5. Dream catcher

A dream catcher right above your bed will not only let you sleep peacefully taking away your bad dreams but the feathers in there will help pass positive energy to you.

From colourful to monochrome, from big to small and even huge, dream catchers look great on the empty or dull walls.

6. Cushions

Feel too old to surround yourself with stuff toys or feel the bed is too small to fit in extra pillows, don’t worry. A pack of small cushions can be put anywhere; 2 on the bed, 1 on the study chair and even one next to the books.

Quirky cushion designs are easy to find and are affordable.

Head to Dilli Haat with your loved ones or you can even look for all these pieces online on Amazon or even offline in Chumbak or Happily Married stores. Heard of your weekly local market?

Yes, try your luck there and promise it won’t disappoint you.

Give your room a makeover it deserves and please don’t forget to post it on Instagram. Happy decorating!

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