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Try these 5 Essentials to Set up a Stress Relief Study Room for Long Hours Study

It’s easier to focus and work when you get zero distractions. The work is done well and we learn well with proper concentration. The improper arrangement of the study area can often lead you to take a nap and leave your assignments incomplete. Having ones own studying space help in focus. You don’t need to worry about, stress about the arrangement of the study area, just by having these 5 essentials for your study area you can have your own study area where you can focus and learn well.

The following are the 5 Major essentials to set up a stress relief study room for long hours study.

 1. A Desk

The most Basic and obvious addition into the study area is the desk, but choosing a proper one is important, the one with proper height drawers to keep all your essential that you might need while working or studying.

Madison Six Drawer Table

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2. A  Chair

As most of your time will be spent sitting on the chair and desk, you need to get a good one. the chair should be well built and strong, It should not sink into your body. It should be nicely built and comfortable to sit and work.


 Chair in Black Colour 

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 3. A  Table/ Task Lamp

Table lamps are very important as they act as a streaming light when you fail to get a proper light due to any reason,  Buy a nice designed lamp that will work as decor too in your study area.

Black Iron Desk Lamp

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4.  File Cabinet

An organized study space is half the battle won against procrastination. The filing cabinet helps you to keep all your notes, scribbles and important papers in one place so you can access them easily when you need to refer to them. 

Filing Cabinet in Oak Finish

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5.  Planters

The planters provide some visual relief and serve as a focal point in your study area. Plus, they help to ease tired eyes and prevent your workspace from becoming monotonous and boring.

Grey Concrete Table Planter

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