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The Essential Bedroom Furniture items for a Bachelor

Everyone loves to dream about their own home. This dream becomes more lovely when you are planning on every essential item with your partners or family members etc. But what about the single or bachelors? Living alone, Independent, self-sufficient, they don’t need to rely on anybody. But the question of deciding the furniture for them remains the same and they really get stuck! And the idea of buying furniture for themselves, become less important and more like a wastage of both money and time. The reason is being busy in work and gets less time to look after the house or not to think much about buying any essential furniture for their bedroom.

While the bachelor life has often seen living like a “banjaraa” or “hippie”. But how about proving it wrong that a bachelor can also make a beautiful and better bedroom. So Try to make it the best. Here are some Essential Bedroom Furniture items that you need to make your Bachelor life normal and lovely.

1. Loft Bed with Study Desk & Shelves by Mollycoddle


A 3 in 1 ( Bed+Study-table/Work-table+Shelves ), Bunk bed for you to have a peaceful sleep just like Childhood days. Rest you can DIY your bed and table by yourself. Click here for more details

2. Solid Wood Cabinet in Distress Finish by Bohemiana

A Brilliant Cabinet and with a beautiful finishing made of solid wood, to Keep your regular stuff safely, to Lights up Even the simplest walls. Click here for more details

3.  Solid Wood Left Door Bedside Table in Distress Finish by Bohemiana

This Table is Not only pretty to see. It can be used as side table having cabinets inside. And Showcasing the showpieces. Click here for more details

4. Solid Wood & Glass Havana Vintage Grey Mirror by Fabuliv

Mirror, Without mirrors life is tough! This Beautiful mirror with a holder will serve the purpose of a dressing table. Click here for more details

5. Coffee Table Cum Trunk Box in Distress Finish by Bohemiana

Not just a coffee table, It has a trunk as well. Keep your stuff inside it. Various uses and still an elegant piece. Click here for more details

6. Arm Chair in Blue Distress Finish by Bohemiana

Elton Arm chairs always look decent. Just place it near the cabinets or your table and sit back, enjoy your coffee. Click here for more details

7. Solid Wood Stool in Grainy Brown Finish

Stools are must-haves, they serve a lot of purposes. Click here for more details

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