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How To Create The Millennial Vibe In Your Apartment?

Millennials have grown up and it is time for them to create a home for themselves in their rented or owned apartments. If you are a millennial looking forward to decorating your apartment then this blog might be of help to you.

The millennial vibe is a mix of contemporary design and powerful nostalgia. Millennials have always had a soft corner for the 90s and, let’s not forget, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

So, how can you create a vibe that matches your millennial persona? We’ve summed it up right here!

a millennial house - furniture20

Make A Reading Nook

A millennial home is incomplete without a reading nook. Whether you love comics or novels, corner for reading is a must have for you. Place a nice couch with a rug on it, get a quirky lamp to help you read better and have lots of books shelved on a contemporary bookshelf. You are sure to be spending a lot of your time in this area.

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Light It Up

If your apartment doesn’t allow a lot of natural light to peep in, you must have adequate lighting arrangements inside. A very quirky way to do that is by adding fairy lights or hanging lights to your decor. They will not only brighten up space but also make it look cozy.

Hang A Garden

Apartments allow for small spaces, most of the times. You may have a few pots in your balcony for plants but if you love greenery and flowers, you can easily create a garden that hangs from the ceiling with a hanging pot. They come in different shapes and colors to create a happy atmosphere in and around the balcony.

Use Aztec Upholstery

Aztec print is totally nostalgic for a millennial. You can either get your sofa upholstered in Aztec print or may a carpet with the same feature. Do not, however, overuse it or it will all seem too cluttered and chaotic. Use solid colors to decorate everything else.

The Chair

We all have that chair which holds onto everything important to us. Clothes, laptop, chargers, books, this chair has it all. The chair not only provides us with a storage area but also a comfortable seating place when needed. It has been with the millennials throughout their hostel years and is bound to come along in the apartment as well. Why not get a comfy cushioned one when you are going for it!

Fine Dine

A dining table is a must and to go by the ‘minimalist’ ideology of the millennials, a simple four-seater dining set works best. It fits well in the apartment and does not speak louder than the other furniture and decor items at your space.

Sofa- So Good

As a millennial, you are going to have a lot of overnight guests and friends. Sleepovers are the only things that keep us connected to our childhood. A sofa cum bed is all you need to save space, own practical furniture and allow your guests to enjoy a night at your apartment in comfort.

All you need has been spilled. It’s time for you to decorate! Create your millennial home now!

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