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Shoe Cabinets which are Essential For Home

How do you organize your footwear, do you have a shoe cabinets? Because you have spare shoes for the work, another pair shoes for play, shoes for your bedroom, and of course shoes for the mudroom.! Whether you have a fabulous shoe collection or just a lot of feet in your house, a shoe storage solution is vital to keep them all under control. Shoe Cabinets come in lots of shapes and sizes, depending on the quantity of the shoes and what kind of space you have.

Here are 4 Shoe cabinets which will take less space and will provide a decent look at your entryway.These shoe cabinets are available in the price range of Rs 5000 INR.

Two Door Shoerack Shoe Cabinet with Cushion Seat in Wenge Finish

Brand: Crystal Furnitech
Dimensions: H 18 x W 31 x D 15
Weight: 29.5 KG
Primary Material: Engineered Wood
Height: 18.0 inches
Width: 31.0 inches

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Two Door Shoe Cabinet with Open Space in Bottom in Wenge Finish


Brand: DHEP Furniture
Dimensions: H 31.5 x W 23.6 x D 11.8
Weight: 15 KG
Primary Material: Engineered Wood
Height: 32.0 inches
Width: 24.0 inches

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Jurou Three Door Shoe Cabinet in Two-Tone Wenge Finish

Brand: Mintwud
Dimensions: H 27 x W 45 x D 13
Weight: 25 Kgs KG
Primary Material: Engineered Wood
Height: 27.0 inches
Width: 45.0 inches

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Danuja Two Door Shoe Cabinet in Wenge Finish


Brand: Mintwud
Dimensions: H 50.67 x W 28.9 x D 15.37
Weight: 32.5 KG
Primary Material: Engineered Wood
Height: 51.0 inches
Width: 29.0 inches

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The modern piece of furniture designs represent the ideals of cutting excess, practicality and an absence of decoration.
The forms of furniture are visually light (like in the use of polished metal and engineered wood) and follow minimalist principles of design which are influenced by architectural concepts like the cantilever. Modern furniture fits best in open floor plans with clean lines that thrive in the absence of clutter.

Shoe cabinets that will showcase, modern furniture that’s designed to seamlessly blend with your interiors. Crafted for compact homes, the range is clean and convenient. All the collections have an understated design aesthetic that adapts to any space.

These cabinets are available on Pepperfry under Rs 5000 INR only!

Your footwear will no longer be lying around the house if you place a shoe stand in the entryway of your home. The mud and dirt of your respective footwear are definitely not spreading within the living area which means you won’t end up being burned out to completely clean the surface again & again.

Cabinets provide you with a particular destination for a store a lot of shoes. So, you don’t need to be worried out in the morning trying to find the right pair that you are willing to wear. Enjoying a shoe rack on your entrance will guarantee which you have straightforward access to the footwear when you want them.


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