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Is Your Living Room Devoid Of A Good Chair? We Are Here To Help!

A living room is an informal space in your home where you are likely to spend most of the time of your day. How would you like if you didn’t have a decent place to sit in your living room? No, of course, you wouldn’t like that too much. Most people go for a common chair along with a couch. Since you are special, your living room furniture, including ‘The Chair’, has to be special too! Here are some very charming and comfy chairs for your living room chair. Living room chair is an essential part of your living room.

Check them out!


1. The royal chair


The royal chair not only looks royal but feels comfy too. This chair has all the maharaja feels to it. You will love sipping coffee or reading a book on this chair.

Check this out at here. 


2. Modern rocking chair


A rocking chair is an all-time favourite for everyone. This modernized rocking chair is properly cushioned and is super light to go back and forth. Your back will definitely be happy with your choice if you get this one for your living room.

Check this out at here. 


3. Antique rocking chair


For those who don’t mind a little bone and wood fight for the sake of good looking furniture, this rocking chair, with an antique feel to it, will end your search for a good living room chair.

Check this out at here. 


4. The perfect stool


We love stools, don’t we? They are portable and can be placed just anywhere. The only problem with them is that they don’t have backs which kick them out of the comfortable furniture list. This stool cum chair is a perfect replacement for our good old traditional stool.

Check this out at here. 


5. Medieval chair


Imagine just how gorgeous this chair will look in your bohemian and rustic themed living room. You’ve got to get this one, right?

Check this out at here. 


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6. The unusual one


As unusual as this living room chair looks, it’ll serve as just the right one if your furniture has a slightly medieval look to it. Doesn’t it look pretty neat even without the cushioning?

Check this out at here. 


7. Armless chair



Practically speaking, it is quite difficult to reach out to a cup of coffee placed on the side table when a chair has huge arms. This armless chair will ease out that issue for you without compromising on comfort.

Check this out at here. 


8. The Jetsons chair


If you have watched ‘The Jetsons’ cartoon on Cartoon Network, you will know what we are talking about. This chair looks exactly like the ones used on the cartoon show set in the future. It looks contemporary but brings in a lot of childhood memories, for the 90s kids especially.

Check this out at here. 


9. Reclining chair


Yes, there are full-fledged recliners, but, if you don’t have enough space for it in your living room, you can place this chair in its place and it will give you the same amount of comfort while consuming less space.

Check this out at here. 


10. The organic Indian chair


Traditional Indian homes had a very low seating. Taking inspiration from the same, this low height chair has all the organic feel to it.

Check this out at here. 

A chair might seem like an insignificant part of your furniture but you will be using it the most, probably unknowingly. This is why choosing the right living room chair is important. Now that you have all the information on living room chairs, get a solution to your ‘kissa kursi ka’!



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