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Got OCD? We’ve Got A Way To Minimise Your Bedroom Accessory Clutter
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Got OCD? We’ve Got A Way To Minimise Your Bedroom Accessory Clutter

Got OCD? We’ve Got A Way To Minimise Your Bedroom Accessory Clutter

Ok, so, if you do have OCD, which is not much of a problem if it exists in limits, you probably like everything to be clean, organized and maybe even at a ninety-degree angle from each other. There’s no clutter in your house and there’s no room for any in your bedroom as well. Are we right or are we right?

We would like to suggest minimalism but how much can you minimize in terms of basic furniture? Not a lot. So here are a few tips for you on getting everything in place. These furniture and home decor items will lessen the clutter and keep your bedroom in a picture perfect position all the time.

Set Top Box Holder

Wall Mountable Set-Top Box cum Wi-Fi Router Holder in Black Finish by Home Sparkle

Most of the mess in your bedroom, if you notice keenly, is caused by unnecessary wires and cables. Your set-top box and the cables attached to it don’t get their own space and linge around on tables too far away from the TV. Not to forget, the remote which always gets magically lost somewhere. Get a set-top box holder! It comes with proper outlets for the wires, a platform for the box which is closer to the TV and a remote holder. Perfect, right?

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Corner Wall Shelves

Zig-Zag 5 Tier Wall Shelf in Cedar Finish by DriftingWood

Corner Wall Shelves not only make room for more stuff to be placed on it but also utilize the unused corner space in your room. You can convert them into bookshelves or prayer corner or a place to put up all the lovely showpieces you have. The best part? You won’t even realize their addition to the room ‘cause they don’t cramp up the bedroom space!

Magazine Holder

Handy Magazine Holder in Brown Finish by Clasicraft

If you are an avid reader, magazines and books keep lying around at all places. While you may like them, they definitely create clutter when spread out in all directions. This even makes them prone to damage. A magazine holder can come to your rescue if you’d like to organize your books and magazines in a better way.

The Trunk

Amravan Solid Wood Upholstered Multipurpose Trunk by Mudramark

Normal people have ‘The Chair’ but organized people have ‘The Trunk’! You don’t like things lying around the room, right? Clothes, gadgets, book, everything has to be at their proper places. But there are days when you don’t get enough time to declutter the room. Enters ‘The Trunk’. Get a trunk that has multiple uses. An upholstered trunk can be good as a seating when shutting and a solid wood one can be used as an extra table in the room. How cool is that!

Lamp Shade

Multicolour Cotton Lamp Shade by Grated Ginger

Not exactly decluttering but a lampshade is a must-have accessory for your bedroom. You do not always need brightly shining bulbs in your bedroom. To make light in the room a bit subtle and cozy, a lampshade is the best option to go with.

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Now that you’ve got all the hacks to make your room organized and non-messy, get yourself these basics! Thank us later!

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