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We decorate our walls well! Walls are often occupied by many decorative things. And often by creative wall paintings. But who likes those long wires hanging around on the big screens? I am sure no one likes that! From whosoever connection you choose for your Entertainment, they provide you with those small yet hard to keep set-top boxes. We often keep them near our screens. Above the cabinets. But we have cabinets to store things right? To organize them well. And the top portion is often used to keep the showpieces. The struggle to have a separate space for these set-top boxes is real.

Here are few Set box holders that will not only help in keeping the box at a place but will also provide a decent look at the walls.

1. Brown Wood Set Top Box Holder

Small yet sufficient, to keep the set box and can adjust any other thing that might be added to the décor of your house. The mini pots having indoor plants can be used well. Know More


2. Black Engineered Wood Set Top Box Holder

Beautiful design with an optimal space for the set-top box can be just placed near the screen. This piece will definitely add luxury to the simple walls. Know more


3. Black  Engineered Wood Carved Set Top Box Holder

Carved design, sleek finish. Store the remote controls and your box in a single place. Know more


4. Brown Engineered Wood Carved Set Top Box Holder

A single unit which will store the gadgets for your screen. The only place for your entertainment that too just below your big screen. Brown in colour, Carved design. Know more

5. Brown Mango Wood Jodhpuri Holder

The colonial wall décor look, yet have space to keep the box at the top. To the simple walls a colonial look through this wall décor. Know more

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These wall boxes will look decent in you rooms giving you a place to set you set top box. These are available on Pepperfry store and are under 1000! Only.


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