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Got Promoted To A Cabin? Let’s Help You Decorate!

Did you just get promoted to your own cabin? Have you had a cabin for work already but want to redecorate it? We are here to help you with decorating your cabin from scratch! An office space that speaks for your personality is the first thing anyone would see and appreciate when they visit your cabin to meet you. You’d like them to be impressed by it, wouldn’t you?

Have a look at these ideas that we’ve put together to help you decorate your office cabin the way you like.

The Chair

You cannot let go off the fact that the one most important thing in your cabin is ‘The Chair’.

This is where you sit all day and work. Your chair should therefore be super comfortable so that you can work for long hours without getting tired and it should also stand out in the cabin to express your position. A cushioned long back chair works best for this requirement. However, you can choose less extravagant options too. Just make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed when sitting on it.

Work Desk

Work desks are as important for a cabin as the chair. Your work desk is your expression ground. It is where you keep most of your important things which you use everyday.

Your laptop or desktop, your phone, your work diary and your coffee mug- basically all your essentials are kept on your work desk which is why a Minimalist Work Desk is the best option to go for. Keep the desk simple and less cluttered so that when you keep all your essentials on it, it doesn’t look overboard.


If you keep most of your documents as hard copies, you are sure to need more space than just a couple of drawers of your work desk. A Storage Cabinet then comes in handy while filling up the empty space in your cabin. Get yourself a storage cabinet with a few bookshelves so as to stock your reference books and your in-between-work light reads on them.

The Greens

You spend most of your day at work and unfortunately, night is not a good time to enjoy the greenery of the park. You can’t see it in the dark! Place a small plant in a pot on your workdesk. It may not be able to replace the real feel of a park or a garden but it will surely give you the vibe. It is good to have a constant living thing by your side while you are working alone, isn’t it?

Wall Clock/Art

 Empty walls are too boring for a workspaces that demands creativity. When your mind is full of ideas, why should your cabin walls be blank? Get a huge yet minimalistic Wall clock for the wall in front of your chair. Top it up with a few Motivational Wall Art posters and paintings on the wall behind you. Both of them will uplift the mood of the room while filling up the blank walls beautifully.

Don’t let the decoration be limited to your home. Be creative! Let your workspace speak out loud for who you are.

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