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Shoes Need A Home Too! 8 Unique Shoe Rack Ideas For Your Home

When buying furniture for a new home or apartment, we keep in mind all the important ones, like sofas, tables, chairs, etc., and select each one of them carefully and artistically. But when it comes to buying unique shoe racks, we often put aside our creative goggles and buy the basic cabinet. If we want to decorate our homes so artistically, then why do we compromise with the basic shoe racks? Well, at least we won’t let boredom take over your shoes keeping area. Here are 8 useful and unique shoe rack ideas you can adapt for your next shoe rack purchase. Take a look!


1. The trunk shoe rack



This shoe rack is a hidden one. With the old-fashioned design of a trunk, it serves as a seating when not in use. You can also use this seating to sit and wear or open your shoes.

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2. Portable shoe rack 


Here’s a unique shoe rack which is easy to fold and carry to any place in your house. Its portability makes it useful and handy at the same time. You can stack up your shoes on it and store it in a slim area when not in use.

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3. Airy shoe rack


Your shoes need to breathe. If they don’t get enough air, they’ll all start smelling time and again. This airy shoe rack will help to get ample air for your shoes, in style!

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4. Classic shoe rack


For those who love the basics, this shoe rack is perfect for you. With a simple design, this shoe rack is easy to clean and maintain. Also, you won’t need a lot of space to place this one.

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5. Foldable shoe rack


This foldable shoe rack will serve as an unsolved mystery for your guests. You can put in your shoes and make them all go away by putting the lid up on each shelf and voila! It’s a mysterious almirah!

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6. Stack n sit shoe rack


This shoe rack is great for those who have too many pairs of shoes to store. There are enough shelves to stack your shoes and you can be comfortable over the built-in seat that comes with it while wearing or removing your shoes.

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7. ‘Easy come and Easy go’ shoe rack


When you are in a hurry to get in or go out from your home, the lowermost shelf of this shoe rack will serve like an easier option. You can keep your essential pair of shoes in this rack and save time on opening the cabinet!

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8. The full package shoe rack


Wondering why this is the full package? We have the answer. This shoe rack comes with two open shelves, a drawer (for your socks, probably), a tiny cabinet (for shoe polishes and brushes) and a cushioned seating.

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Your shoes support you through rough roads, pits and so much more. The least you can do is not leave them on the floor and get an elegant furniture for them! Shoes need a home too!


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