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Looking To Save Space In The Living Area? Get A Sofa Cum Bed!

A living room is also a lounging area where you sit down with friends and family to chat or relax. What if your friends or relatives decide to stay at your place? Do you have enough space to accommodate them all? Most of us don’t but there’s always a solution right? We just have to get some bedding and lay it on the floor and, well, pick it all up the next day. You can get rid of all this labor by getting a sofa cum bed for your living room. No more struggling with your back to fold and unfold piles of bedding.


Here are some sofa cum beds you can choose the best one from. Check it out!

   1. Sofa cum bed with storage


This is a back flip sofa cum bed. The back of this furniture piece can be pushed further back and flattened to make a double bed. And guess what? You can store a lot of stuff in the storage area given underneath the cushion top!

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2. Studio sofa cum bed


The owners of studio apartments are going to love this. This is quite a trendy couch which turns into a double bed when flattened at the back. What’s more? It comes in a variety of colours!

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3. Slide out sofa cum bed


This sofa cum bed can be slid out to make space for two people to sleep in. Since it has tyre bearing beneath, it can be easily pulled out. There is also space for storage to keep pillows and a blanket underneath.

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4. Arm out single sofa cum bed


Doesn’t this couch look gorgeous? As stylish as this couch looks, it is useful as well. You can flatten its angular arms and make room for one person to make a bed out of it.

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5. Metallic sofa cum bed


Looks like one but accommodates two! This sofa cum bed is also metallic and can be easily flattened to make a bed for two people. The upholstery is soft and comfortable for your guests to feel at home.

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6. Couch plus sofa cum bed


For larger living rooms, this couch plus sofa cum bed is perfectly suitable. The single couch makes for a single bed while the sofa makes for a bed for two. You can easily make room for 3 to 4 guests if both the pieces are joined together.

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7. Stretch out sofa cum bed


Do you have a tiny apartment? Here is a small seating for your living area which can also be stretched out to make a single bed for your guest. No more sending your bestie home after a party. Just stretch out this sofa cum bed and chitchat all night.

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8. Foldable sofa cum bed


This sofa cum bed is easily foldable and unfoldable. You can tumble it down for making a single bed out of it. Just tumble it up back again to make a two seater sofa!

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You do need a sofa cum bed, don’t you? Get shopping!

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