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How to Choose a Good Upholstery Fabric for Sofas


Sofas are typically the center piece of living rooms, as the primary seating furniture for the homes.  Wherever they are placed in the home, the fabric for sofas should be soft and durable. Guests sit on them, children play and jump on them, and families relax on them for hours as they watch a movie or enjoy a video game on the console of their choice.

If you plan to buy a new sofa, then you need to know some essential facts about sofa fabric so that you choose the best type of fabric for their specific needs.

There are some key points before choosing fabrics for sofa:

Fabric Quality

One of the most important qualities of upholstery fabric is its wearability. Each fabric will have a user-rating, namely: domestic, heavy domestic, commercial, etc.

If you’re planning to buy a sofa for a dining room, then it is important that you should go for some heavy duty fabrics and it may still be sensitive to sustain.

                                                                                               Upholstery fabric

Fabric Weave

Another point to consider is fabric weave. As a guide, the tighter the weave, the more durable the fabric. Silk fabric can be used on furniture as a traditional and elegant setup.

If your room is full of direct sunlight, then avoid natural fabrics like cotton, linen as they fade over time.

For those suffering from allergies, microfiber fabric and hypoallergenic cushion, fill are the remedies as they do not attract dust.

                                                    Fabric Weave


Consider the location of the sofas which they are replacing or recovering. The location of sofas typically affects the level of use which they experience.

Homeowners who face the problem of the spots might get this one and the spots can be concealed.

The durability and the features make this one the best choice for the people especially a home with the kids around.

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