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Mirror Mirror On The Wall: A Bedroom’s Chance To Fame

We can unanimously agree that a bedroom is incomplete without a mirror. Mirror not only shows you your own image but also gives your bedroom a chance to see itself in something else. As decorative as mirrors in the bedroom should be, they are also quite handy when it comes to getting ready and rushing out for office. A millisecond look in the bedroom wall mirror doesn’t harm at all.

So here is a list of mirror designs for your bedroom wall. Grab the best one now!

1. Vintage mirror


A vintage mirror is all you need to look like a royal princess from the heart of India. This vintage mirror will give you all those feels and more! You can store your jewellery in the drawer below it as well!

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2. Table mirror


A very classic looking one, this table mirror is portable and even has a storage option. You can slide the mirror upwards or downwards for your convenience and get a better view of yourself in it.

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3. Full-length mirror


When you are getting ready, it is quite important that you look perfect from top to toe. But how will you know if you are looking just fine from the lower part of your body as well? A full-length mirror is then a must buy for you if you want to see yourself from head to toe.

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4. Designer mirror


A lot of designer mirrors have sprung up in the mirror market. The above peacock shaped mirror will look quite elegant if placed on top of your dining area washing basin. This mirror may also look good if you want to place it in your living area as a showpiece.

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5. Bamboo mirror


This bamboo mirror will give a bohemian look to your dressing area. If you are artistic by nature, this mirror will perfectly match your home decor. Quite simple in design, it does not lack in style at all. Oh! And it is easy to clean as well!

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6. Ethenic mirror


If you have an ethnic chic thing going on in your bedroom then this mirror will fit your decor perfectly. It is multicoloured and is therefore easily blendable with any colour upholstery in your bedroom. Hang it on the wall or place it on the dressing table, this one is sure to suit all your decor ideas.

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7. Mirror with cabinet


A mirror that becomes a cabinet when needed is all you need if you want to hide that necessary yet not a too good looking cabinet. This mirror can be mounted over wash basins easily and you can store a lot of cosmetic products in the cabinet given within.

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Chosen the mirror that suits you the best yet? If not, there is no waiting for this one. With a lot of choices on the plate, you can get the best one for your bedroom wall now!







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