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Get The Green On For Your Home Decor
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Get The Green On For Your Home Decor

Decorating a house can be a pretty challenging task. There are choices to be made for every little thing that you add to the decor. Should you get a chandelier or just some floor lamps? What fabric should you choose for upholstery? So on and so forth. One of the decor items includes plants and flowers and hence, you are stuck with another choice- artificial flowers or indoor plants, which one would work best for your space?

Well, you could choose both but if you don’t like too many things piled on the decor of your house, we’d like to bring out the pros and cons of having artificial flowers and indoor plants to the forefront for you to make a better choice.

Let’s do this!

Indoor Plants

By indoor plants, we mean real live plants. These are mostly green leafy plants which actually look quite good with wooden furniture. Placing them at a corner of your house gives a very rich look to your decor.


Here are a few other benefits of indoor plants:

  • They provide good oxygen and help keep the moisture in the room intact.
  • They lower the risk of air-borne contamination


But, just like everything else, they aren’t perfect. They do have a few drawbacks too.

  • Where there is life, there will be bacteria and other mini creatures. Indoor plants, therefore, attract a lot of insects and pests into the house.
  • These plants need just the right amount of water and sunlight or else their leaves will start turning yellow and then brown and dead. You can’t vacay for long if there’s no one to take care of them while you’re gone.

Nonetheless, indoor plants add great value to home decor, especially in the living area. Here are a few indoor plants you can check out for your home decor.


Adenium Desert Rose Bonsai Plant

Syngonium Pink Plant

Good Luck Jade Plant


Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers have been a part of home decor for a very long time. Over the years, their material has gained variety and their resemblance to living flowers has become uncanny. But are they still likable? Let’s find out!


Here are a few pros of decorating your house with artificial flowers:

  • They stay fresh year round! Well, maybe even for five years or more, without requiring any significant care or attention.
  • They don’t cost a fortune and are also available in a lot of varieties.


They are indeed easy to maintain, but what are the long term cons of artificial flowers as home decor? Here’s the answer:

  • They are extremely difficult to clean. You could wash them with the risk of losing their color or one or all of their petals.
  • Since they are not easy to clean, they have dust particles stuck to them which may cause difficulty for people with dust allergies.


However, these flowers look pretty great with the right decor theme. Here are a few options of artificial flowers and plants for you to explore.


Synthetic Fabric Lilies

Foam Roses

Plastic Green Plants


You’ve got all the details, it’s time to choose. Pick the most suitable one for you!



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