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Top 7 Wooden Shelves in Your Budget

Usually, people say there is a big difference between the words “Home” and “House”. If there is a four-walled cubical structure with some gates and windows, people generally call it a “House”. But if that house is inhabited with a family, some pretty pictures on the wooden shelves and television right above another shelf with music player and keys on it, some really beautiful crockery set right next to the kitchen wall, over the pretty and beautiful wall shelf.

To be more precise a home is home to the beauty within. And to tarnish the beauty of the house we have some really pretty wooden shelves for you to choose from.

So here is the list of top 7 wooden shelves which can fit in pockets of any Indian.

1.  Zigzag Shape Rack Wooden Wall Shelf

This beautiful zig-zag shape wooden rack is perfect for the corners of your wall.

Zigzag Shape Rack Wooden Wall Shelf Furniture20 Amazon

  • Number of Shelves -5
  • Colour – Brown
  • Purpose- corner shelf
  • It is available on Amazon at Rs.1,365
  • Click here to know more

2. Artesia Wooden White Wall Shelf Rack Set Of 3 Intersecting Wall

This beautiful wall shelf is available in multiple colors and can be used for multiple purposes.

Artesia Wooden White Wall Shelf Rack Set Of 3 Intersecting Wall

  • A fantastic wall Shelf to keep a beautiful statuette or prizes.
  • Made With High Durable Quality MDF
  • Primary Material – Wood
  • No Assembly required
  • It’s available on Amazon at Rs. 1,299
  • Click here to know more

3. Artesia Brown, Wooden Wall Shelf

Artesia brown wooden wall shelf is so elegant and gorgeous that it will simply complement your home furniture. Also Called Display Rack Shelf.

Artesia Brown Wooden Wall Shelf/Display Rack Shelf

4. Wood Dekor Sun Shaped Wall Rack – Honey Finish

This Sun Shaped wall rack is a must-have for a modern day home. It is made from a Sheesham, that means it is more durable and long-lasting.

Wood Dekor Sun Shaped Wall Rack - Honey Finish

  • Material: SHEESHAM WOOD
  • The shelf is polished with honey colour on it
  • It’s one of the best kind of modern furniture
  • Specially made for the indoor purpose only
  • It’s available on Amazon at Rs. 3,639.
  • Click here to know more 

5. Monza Wall Shelf or bookShelf

Monza wall shelf is another example of the style and modern day furniture. It’s made from Sheesham which makes it just accurate for your wall.

  • The modern shelf is primary made of Sheesham wood
  • Colour – Mohagani
  • Material: Sheesham wood
  • If you buy it online, it would require carpenter assembly
  • Be it with your bedroom, drawing room or study room, it would look perfect at all places in your house.
  • It’s available on Amazon at Rs. 4,499
  • Click here to know more 

6. Babylon Floor/Wall Shelf

Babylon shelf is both floor and wall shelf, that means you can place it on floor or wall as per your requirements.

  • Material: Mango WOOD
  • Contemporary Style
  • Walnut Finishing & Colour
  • Multipurpose shelf, can either be set up on the floor or can be hung up on the wall.
  • It’s available on Amazon at Rs. 3,999
  • Click here to know more

7. Unravel India 9 Warli painted pots with Sheesham Wooden Frame

Unravel India 9 Warli painted pots got it name as it depicts the native tribal style of Maharashtra with 9 pots.

  • The Frame is made of  Sheesham Wood
  • Pots: Terra-cotta
  • If you can paint your wall with light yellow colour and hang this beautiful frame there, and arrange all colourful pots in it, it would give your room a graceful look.
  • It’s available on Amazon at Rs. 2,899
  • Click here to know more 

Decorate your walls and save floor space using these budget-friendly shelves. These wooden shelves can be used in your living room or study room or drawing room etc to show off décor pieces.

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