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Amazing Bookshelf Ideas For The Ultimate Bookworm

Avid readers not only love books but also like decorating them all over their house. And when a reader’s creativity level is 100, one can expect innumerable ways of stacking books. Well, we’ve made this job easier for a bookworm and brought to you some pretty awesome designs to choose from for your living room library. Have a look!


1. Zig-zag Bookshelf

A zig-zag pattern is all you need to decorate a plain boring wall. While this zig-zag bookshelf fills that space for you, it also makes space for a bunch of your favourite books. Your living room is going to love you for getting this!

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2. Ethnic Bookshelf

For those who love showcasing antiques in their living room, this ethnic bookshelf will be ten on ten compatible with your living area. The bookshelf has a rustic look and can accommodate books and showpieces alike.

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3. Branches Bookshelf

If you are close to nature and love treehouses, you wouldn’t mind a tree in your living room which also serves as a bookshelf! This tree-like bookshelf will give your living room an organic feel while perfectly balancing your beloved books.

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4. Invisible Bookshelf

Just look at this one! Isn’t it magical how the books just hang right there on the wall? This invisible bookshelf is a space saver and will suit someone having a studio apartment perfectly. It is simple to install and requires no maintenance!

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5. Corner Bookshelf

The corners of your living room need to be decorated too. Placing a flower vase in the corner is too traditional. Pump up the design quotient of your living room with this corner bookshelf, available in teak finish. It is a space saver and it looks stylish too!

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6. OCD Bookshelf

There is a reason that we call it an OCD bookshelf and people who have a little OCD will understand why. This bookshelf has two sections- ‘has been read’ and ‘will be read’, making it easier for the reader to organize books accordingly.

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7. Ladder Bookshelf

This ladder-shaped bookshelf is quite a piece for a simple yet elegant living room.If you are going with a theme of minimalism for your living room, then you must get this ladder bookshelf to add to your decorative furnishing.

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8. Reindeer Bookshelf

For those who never want Christmas to go away, this reindeer shaped bookshelf will grace your living room all year around. The bookshelf cum decorative piece has ample space for stacking books, candle, and other show pieces.

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9. Round Bookshelf

This round bookshelf is a funk meets classic furniture pieces, perfect to rest on your living room wall. You can enhance its appearance by adding a round wall clock in the middle space.

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10. Hanging Bookshelf

Don’t have enough space on the floor for a bookshelf? You need not worry anymore with this cute little hanging bookshelf. You can stack a selected bunch of books, on this bookshelf, which you want to showcase in your living room.

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A good quality, good looking bookshelf is a must have for a bibliophile and when it comes to decorating your living room, you just cannot escape from leaving a mark of what you love in that area.

Get shopping bookworms! Stack ‘em up!

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