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Summer Is Here. Is Your Holiday Home Ready?

Summer is finally here and so are the holidays. Summer holidays is a time when you go back to your farmhouse or a quiet home in the hills and just relax. But you cannot relax on old broken furniture with flat cushions, right?  So, here we are to your rescue, providing all the information that you need for decorating your summer holiday home!

Ok, first things first, you’ve got to have swings in the garden area. Imagine the cool evening breeze whooping through your hair as you swing in the greenery of the garden or may be watching the stars at night with a glass of wine while you swing slowly. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?


And when we talk about having swings, a rocking chair is also a must. The elderly at home can relax on it and you might even finish that book you have been clinging onto for too long while sitting on the rocking chair. Your balcony is the best place that you can put it in and it is best when you have one with cushions.


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Next, you can build a nice little area in the garden for a craft. You can try pottery, painting or even wood carving in the tiny shed made of wood and glass that will just go perfectly with your holiday home.


A porch is incomplete without a comfortable couch where you can lie down or sit with your friends to chat over a cup of tea in the evening. Having a porch with a nice couch suits best for a place where there are soft winds blowing, probably near some trees.


Summer holiday home is all about outdoor decor since you are going to spend most of your mornings and evenings outside. Since they are located far away from the cities and close to nature, maintaining outdoor decor for summer homes is a must.

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