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Fill Your Living Area With Living Room Memories!

There are times when we want to capture a particular memory and cherish it forever. Since you spend most of your time in the living room, the best thing that you can do to it is to place all your beautiful living room memories in it and yes, your memories need to be framed! Photographs capture memories like no other and all your favourite ones need a frame before they go on to your table or wall.

Here are some ideas for framing your precious living room memories in your living area.


1. Photo Frame Collage

You can go for a bunch of photo frames put together to give a collage kind of look. Small sized pictures can be put into each photo frame to make it look like a collage of the pictures yet separated by their respective frames.


2. Photo Frame With A Shelf

There are photo frames which comes with a shelf. So what can be your key holder or a bookshelf, can also serve as a photo frame if you have less space in the living room.

3. Table or Wall?

Photo frames come for both, keeping on the tables and hanging on the walls. We would recommend you to place small sized frames on the table while the large ones will look good on the wall.

4. Hand Painted Photo Frame

A wooden photo frame can be hand painted in your favourite colour to give your living room the extra vibe that is missing.

5. Carved Photo Frame

The beauty of wooden photo frames is that they can be carved out with beautiful designs. Wooden photo frames give an antique look when carved by a good craftsman.

6. Wall Clock Photo Frame

The photo frame given in the picture is the one we are talking about for this one. The clock can serve as a timeline and you can frame all your photos chronologically around the clock.

Make your living room memories permanent. Frame ‘em in!

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