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You’ll go mad over these 7 royal looking antique chairs.

Antique furniture adds a dazzling charm and gives a unique touch to the interior. And who doesn’t love to enhance their interiors with some vintage beauty?

But it usually gets difficult to find quality furniture with gorgeous antique designs. So, here’s the list of some glamorous antique chairs that will take you straight into the kindly world of ancient royal societies.


This sophisticated looking contemporary style chair is made with Sheesham wood. But what you will love it for are its appealing artistic patterns.

Price: Rs. 21,000

Buy here:https://www.fanusta.com/retail/wooden-victorian-chair-with-velvet-fabric

Photo by: www.fanusta.com


You will love this antique chair handcrafted in mango wood for its traditional radiance. And, its intricate designs give your place a perfect countryside look.

Price: Rs. 39,999

Buy here: https://www.fanusta.com/retail/handmade-wood-and-bone-chair

Photo by: www.fanusta.com

Bristo Antique Victorian Style Garden Outdoor Chair by Karara Mujassme

This fancy designer chair creates an absolute vintage look. And what’s the best is its minimum maintenance requirement.

Offer price: Rs.15,999| Original price:  Rs.22,999

Buy here

Photo by: www.pepperfry.com

Victorian chair from the signature collection of Curves & Carvings

You will love this perfectly carved chair because of its delicate design. And its padded seats assure sheer comfort to your body.

Offer price: Rs 24,995 | Original price: Rs 34,995

Buy here:https:///curves-carvings-signature-collection-chair-c-c-chair0001-703

Photo by: curvesandcarvings.com

Antique Rocking Chair by Curves & Carvings

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this giant luxurious Rock And Roll chair.

Offer price: Rs 28,995 | Original price: Rs 62,995

Buy here: https://curvesandcarvings.com/curves-carvings-signature-collection-chair-c-c-chair0047-1862

Photo by: curvesandcarvings.com

Teak Wood Royal High Back Chair From Signature Collection of Curves & Carvings

You would have seen this throne chair in movies and palaces. But now, you can get this antique chair for yourself and turn your house into a palace of your own.

Offer price: Rs 39,995 | Original price: Rs 64,995

Buy here: https://curvesandcarvings.com/curves-carvings-signature-collection-chair-c-c-chair0047-1876

Photo by: curvesandcarvings.com

Brown Melamine Polished Antique Chair with Long Legs

You will love it for your kitchen counter and breakfast bar. You can also use it to have an elevated view from your balcony and give it a vintage look.

Offer price: Rs 24,995 | Original price: Rs 42,995

Buy here: https://curvesandcarvings.com/curves-carvings-signature-collection-chair-c-c-chair0119-806

Photo by: curvesandcarvings.com

Happy shopping!

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