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Don’t Lose The Other Earring Again With These Jewellery Organising Tips

Jewellery is precious which makes it expensive. It is therefore important to keep it safe. There may have been times when you couldn’t find matching earrings to your necklace or the bracelet you love, just because your jewellery wasn’t organised. You don’t have to worry anymore because we have brought you some pretty awesome jewellery organising tips you’ll thank us for later. Check them out!

Wooden Bangle Stand/Rods

Bangles, especially the ones made of glass, are quite brittle. Also, it is difficult to maintain the same number every time you wear them since they are prone to get lost while wearing them on or off. With a bangle stand or rods, you can place your bangles safely in them as soon as you open them so that the next time too you get the full dozen. A wooden one looks pretty cool!


Compartment Earring Box/Trunk

You can place your earrings in a box or a trunk with a lot of tiny compartments. Each compartment can hold a pair of earrings and you won’t lose any one of them ever again.


Ceramic Ring Holder

Ceramic looks and feels royal and beautiful. Your dazzling rings can find a safe abode in them when you are not wearing them.


Cane Necklace Basket

Cane baskets are big enough to make room for your necklaces and small enough to be placed on one of your dressing table shelves. Get one with a lid on it.

Tiny Jewellery Drawers

A big box with lots of small drawers for your jewellery will give an antique look to your dressing area. You can paint each drawer in a different colour to know which one holds what kind of jewellery.


Grater Earring Hanger

A grater for vegetables can also serve as a DIY earring holder. A four-sided steel grater, when painted, can hold a lot of pairs of earrings.

With these Jewellery organising tips, Keep ‘em safe!

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