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Thinking of buying a wooden office table? Go ahead, every office deserves a beautiful table

If you are thinking of buying a wooden office table. Them don’t delay as an office is incomplete without a perfect table. Wooden Office table is more or less similar to computer table with desk. There is a huge variation in office table starting from Rs 2000 all the way up to lakhs. So here are some office tables keeping in mind the price range from Rs. 10,00-25,000.

Selected wooden Office Table with the range of Rs. 10,00- Rs. 25,000.

1. Retro Boss table by Royal Oak

This is a completed table set. Having a rosewood finish, it’s a treat for your office.

This table is a complete office table with a proper storage for everything. Drawers, movable side table, tray gives you all reason to buy it. Rosewood finish enhances the beauty of this table.

Available Price: 24,500   Click here to know more about this table.


2. Retro Rosewood Finish office table by Royal Oak

Retro rosewood finish office table by royal oak is suitable for medium to small size office. This table is a single set of office table.

This beautiful rosewood finish office table with drawers and MDF (medium density fibreboard) is a modern style table. It looks like a honey brown colour.

Available Price: 12,500   Click here to know more about this table.


3. Executive Brown Office Table by Star India 

Executive Brown colour office chair is a modern design table. This is a simple and sober office table.

This table comes with a side runner, a drawer cart, and a small storage. This table is L-shaped in design.

Available Price: 18,499   Click here to know more about this table.


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4. Genius Table with 3 Drawer and Shutter by Delite Kom

Genius table with drawer is a beautiful and an elegant table. It’s perfectly suited for small and medium-sized offices.

This is a beautiful table with an Acacia brown finish. It is modern design lightweight table. You can easily move this table from one place to other.

Available Price: 17,499   Click here to know more about this table.


5. Misaki  Table with Drawers & Cabinet by Mintwud

Misaki office table is a multi-purpose table designed for office as well as home. You can use it for office or study purpose.

This table looks gorgeous in the walnut brown finish. Because its lightweight and compact in size it can be used for multiple purposes.

Available Price: 12,999   Click here to know more about this table.


6. Amber Office and Conference table by Royal Oak

Amber office table is a basic and sleek table. It is modernly designed with MDF (medium density fibreboard) and Mellamine.

This table doesn’t include any drawer or storage. It’s a lightweight table suitable for small offices and conference hall.

Available Price: 15,059   Click here to know more about this table.

These are a few chosen office table that can serve multiple purposes and are simply perfect for your office. Selection of your perfect table simply depends on you and your needs.



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