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Solid wood vs Engineered wood

Wood has always been the first love as a choice for the different wood coverings and flooring.

It is always a tough call to make a better choice between the solid wood and engineered wood as both of them are made from 100% real wood.

The main differences can help in getting a clear understanding and can work as a helping hand in making a wise decision.

Basic Technique:

Solid Hardwood is made of 100% a single piece of wood having ¾”thickness and 3.25” width.

Engineered Hardwood consists of 2 or more layers having 3/8” thickness and 5” width.


Solid hardwood is nailed or stapled. It is never installed on a floating basis but always has excellent durability.

Engineered hardwood is nailed, stapled, clicked and glued.


Engineered hardwood is naturally cheaper than the solid hardwood when compared on the basis of the plank size, cost, and quality of lumber and glues.


Solid hardwood is 100% wood that is natural and eco-friendly for the flooring choice.

Engineered hardwood in which middle and bottom layers are made of solid wood, and are bonded by high-quality (high quality) non-toxic glues, are equal in their eco-friendly characteristics.

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