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Know why is Queen size bed, most favourable amongst all

There are several types of bed available in the market but the queen size bed are really popular bed amongst all. What makes them famous is their dimensions i.e. 60 inches width and 80 inches length. The length is similar to the King size bed, however, the width is comparatively less than that of King Size bed. The less width makes it easier to fit in any type bedroom and remains ample of space. On the other hand, king size bed can only be fit in the master bedroom due to its broad width.

Why is the Queen Size Bed better than anything?

The queen size bed is excellent in width that is little more than the double bed (58 inches width and 74 inches length) and less than king size bed (76 inches width and 80 inched lengths) so this makes it more comfortable than a double bed and less space-consuming than king size. As far as the sleep is a most significant phase of life, the queen size bed is one of most comfortable bed for people with 6 ft or plus height.

They came in the picture after 1960’s, when people started realizing that it’s comfortable to sleep on bigger beds. Queen also has an extended width bed which is known as Olympic queen beds with a 6inch increase in width that makes it 66 inches wide. European countries where average human height is taller, their queen size beds are even more famous.

Nowadays as houses are becoming more compact queen size bed is gaining importance over its other competitor beds.
As per the study, 30%+ mattress purchased are queen size.

So this makes Queen size bed more preferable over King, twin, double, single beds and that’s the reason why Queen size mattresses are largest sold mattresses as per market share.

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