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Furniture Hacks to Keep Your Furniture Always New

The protection of your furniture is in your hands make sure you use it well. The furniture units that are subject to daily usage must be covered up with a decent cloth,  that protects that furniture from direct contact. Furniture like the dining table, console table coffee table,  etc. Should be covered with a cloth. The cloth will protect the wood or the other material from coming into contact with direct splashes.


Try below furniture hacks to keep your furniture always new. 

    • You should not keep any too hot or too cold item directly onto your furniture, as that will directly affect the material of your furniture. To avoid this you may use a thick tablecloth that will act as a shield against the Items.


    • To protect your furniture from fading away, keep them away from direct exposure to the sunlight.


    • To avoid the minor scratches which may hamper the finishing of your furniture avoid sliding or passing items placed on your tabletop, rather pick them up and keep.


    • Often the candle wax, the burning candles can harm the life of the valuable furniture, you must keep a candle on the furniture using a candle holder as that would not let the hot wax touch the furniture directly.


    • With regular cleaning of your furniture units, you can extend their lifespan, but you need to make sure that you do not use a rough cloth on them.


    • You should blot the spill, in case you get a spill on your furniture as if you wipe that it will spread and the polish of the furniture will get damaged.

The Essentials Cleaning Products for Furniture

1. Polymer Plastic Waxed Wood Liquid Care

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        2. Leifheit Furniture Cloth- Set Of 2

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3. Wood & Metal Furniture Cleaner & Polish

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4. Wood Furniture and Laminate Cleaner with Cellulose Sponge Cleaner

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You should make sure your home is free from stains, dirt, and grime, by using cleaners and polishes you can have the same old furniture remain the New. These cleaning products on Pepperfry will suit a variety of surfaces in your house


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