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No More Tripping Over Your Own Shoes-5 Easy Storage Ideas To Make Space For Them

It’s simple for the entire house to end up into one big shoe storage room. Stroll in the entryway and there are your running shoes; pass the kitchen and you’ll detect your most loved shoes; head into your room and goodness, there are those heels you wore to supper the previous evening. Except if you’re one of those fortunate individuals with a walk-in-closet, there sufficiently isn’t space to house your full accumulation far out.

Incorporate storage that frees up that precious closet floor space for more shoes. We found the best shoe storage ideas that manage to be functional and not hideous.


One of the most stylish ways to keep safe your precious heels is to hang the rather than walking on them every time you plan to move around. Falling head over heels sounds nice only not literally. Right?

This grid you can make at home or even buy is online. The best part about this storage type is its minimalist geometric design and the colorful chic look it gives out once completed and used.


Place one rod, slightly lower, in front of the other; this way you’ll be able to hook the heel of a shoe over the higher one and rest the sole on the lower bar for stability. Plus, install the tension rod high enough and you’ll still have enough floor space in your closet for another row of kicks beneath.

This is something you see everyday around you in local shoe shops and markets around you.


Enough of searching for the pair of shoes you barely wear. These are in bad shape but are those pairs you’d never give away. This also includes extra pairs meant for guests or for use while you use your functional ones.

Yes, basket storage seems to be the best option. The best things about this storage kind is it will hold on a lot of pairs by taking least of the space.

Put the basket, literally ANYWHERE. Prefer covered ones so that people don’t assume you’re stealing shoes and stocking them up!


You probably need least investment in this one. There must always be a ladder in every household. You just need to utilize it. Use the stairs of the ladder to put in your shoes which are used frequently.

Also, if you don’t possess one already, it is not expensive to buy. It will help with other chores too. Or build your own little ladder of whatever size you’d want.

Go ahead and paint or decorate it.


It might look expensive but it is not. Wooden dowels help you hang your shoes in a very organised manner and ease of accessibility. Find a good spot in the room to place it; under the table or in the last column of the cupboard or even under the bed is cool.

It can easily be made at home, just buy some solid dowels and any stray piece of wood and stick them together.

This one is best to hold your boots whose length always becomes a problem while storage. Have dowels of different heights to incorporate variety of shoes.

That’s it, you’re ready to rock the shoe. No more hassle in handling and taking care. No more tripping over shoes in the house. Happy Safekeeping! 

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