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Create A Separate Room With These Screens And Divider Ideas

Do you have a huge hall in your apartment or house with lots of empty space? Have you ever wanted to have privacy in an open area like the living room? Would you like your dining area to be separated from your kitchen or living area? If your answer to these questions is affirmative, then this article will prove to be quite helpful for you. Room Divider and screens have been in use for centuries. In earlier days, royalty used them to maintain privacy within large rooms. Today they are as popular as before and are available in various forms.

Here is a list of designer screens and dividers to make extra room for large spaces at your home.


1. Vintage Jaipuri Room Divider

To remind you of older times, this vintage room divider will take you to the land of the royal Rajasthan. The room divider is designed in an antique meets royal way to enhance the look of your living area.


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2.Multicoloured Room Divider For Children

It is quite convenient to set up a room divider in the children’s room to separate their bed from their study area. This room divider comes in multicolour and will help to solve your problem of building a separate room for your kids to study.


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3.Contemporary Screen

This contemporary design screen comes in different colours and gives a translucent feel to your living area. You can separate the formal and informal sections of your living room using this pretty looking screen.


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4.Flexi Glass Screen

This flexi glass screen is sure to turn heads when you have guests over at your place. These not only look good and glossy but are also very useful in creating a divide in the room. They are also available in various colours.


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5.Artistic Divider

Doesn’t this divider look gorgeous? This beautifully designed room divider will look absolutely stunning in an artistic home. If you are an artists yourself, you will love the large butterflies on it.


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6.Classic Room Divider

For those who like a sober yet impactful decor, this classic room divider will fit perfectly. The divider is inspired from classic English decor. You can place it in any room or hall and it will just blend in with its surrounding.



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7.Triple Door Room Divider

Here is a room divider through which there is no scope for peeking. This is a perfect choice for those who want to separate their bedroom from their dressing area. It will literally serve as an opaque door for your changing area.

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Now that you know how useful dividers and screens can be, to save space and create a separate area for privacy in just 2 minutes, go ahead and get one or may be a couple for yourself! You’ll not regret losing a little weight on your pocket with this one.

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