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Super Hacking Kitchen Storage Ideas for your Home

Every single inch is important, Yes when it comes to storage, especially in the kitchen section.

We always have soo much to store and to organize our kitchen but we often fail to do so. Nevertheless, Here are some easy yet efficient kitchen storage ideas that are not so hard to apply by. You just need to select the ones which will suit your kitchen, your space and of course which will work for you. So, here are some tips and ideas that can help in Organizing your kitchen and storing the stuff nicely.

1. Keep a clean counter

Clean and empty counter always make the kitchen look tidy and spacious, So avoid using the surface for storing things. The dishes and utensils should be stored in the cabinets or on hangings(walls). This will maximize the counter space.

2. Backsplash for More

Backsplash, as we all know, is there to prevent the splashes on the walls, also to make the kitchen clean or easier to clean. It is obvious that while cooking splashes on the wall are unavoidable so the need for the backsplash is the must.

3. Keep the décor bright and open.

Usually, we find a lot of furniture in the kitchen, as we need it but that can become a bit overwhelming, making a kitchen look small and occupied. To avoid this without sacrificing storage cabinets, Glass-front cabinetry or open shelves and cubbies can be used.

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4. Work with Stacks

A lot of space can be used in the kitchen by simply stacking things like Boxes, plates, even cans or cups. Stacks are neat and practical and they even give the kitchen a clean and tidy look.  And organized of course.

5. Hang in there the Utensils

But what about the utensils that we cannot stack? Which are needed all the time and we need to put them close-by? Hooks! Hang those utensils using hooks. A rod can be installed on the backsplash or on the underside of the cabinet

6. Mix and Match

You need types and variety of storage strategies as no single type of storing goes with the situations. Few drawers, Closed cabinets, Open shelves and cubbies on the wall would work in and for every situation

7. Use Drawer dividers

We can keep a lot of stuff in the drawers but can we organize them?


The need is Dividers, depending upon your need and space available use drawer dividers and keep your stuff organized.

8. The Hidden Space

Open shelves and drawers are great to store things but what about the big stuff!

We can only organize the small items in the shelves and drawers but in a kitchen we need big cabinets too, to keep all the big heavy things like those pans and pots, small appliances, dishes and cleaning supplies.

9. Display Your Stuff

Some things need to be displayed, We all love the beautiful showpieces or even some lovely plants. These can be put up on an open shelf that will perform as a stage and will make your kitchen look beautiful.

10. Use Boxes

Boxes are useful! Yes, we all know that using boxes in the kitchen will definitely make it look tidy and organized. The Trays work the same way. Any of the two can be used for storing vegetables, Cleaning supplies and spice jars.

11. Led strip lights in the drawer

Led strips can be used in the kitchen drawers that will surely make it look superb.

12. Clean the kitchen  before going to bed

It is important, just we clean and freshens up before sleeping we need to look and clean our kitchens before going to bed.

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