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Top 5 Incredible Teakwood Mirrors to Match Your Room’s Walls

As we all are concerned about our appearances, no one other than the mirror can make us judge ourselves. We are so dependent on the mirror to judge ourselves that unknowingly we are even obsessed with it. So it is just an icing on the cake, that the mirror on which we can see yourself is crafted to perfection with teak wood.

Some great design of mirror blended with perfection is like.

A beautiful brown color teak wood mirror weighing 3kgs is just perfect to be hanged on your wall. With the length of 19.5inches and height of 26inches, it’s just perfect for your wall.

What makes it more attractive is its price that is just Rs.4719/-

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Brown Teak Wood Vivanta Mirror is an example of modern design perfectly blended with our daily use mirror to make it more attractive. This teak wood mirror is available for just Rs. 5629.

With the height of 26 inches and length of 20 inches, it weighs roughly 4.5kgs.

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Brown Teak Wood Enigma Mirror is something impeccable of, it not only looks beautiful on the wall but also compliments the person looking into it. For design lovers, its a must buy.

With the price range of Rs 8629 and made up of teak wood it weighs around 8.5kgs. Length for this mirror is 28inches and height of 35inches.

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The yellow teak wood mirror is 20 inches long and 26inch tall (height). It weighs around 5Kg and yellow color just adds up to its beauty. This mirror is available at an attractive price of Rs. 4,719 only.

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The brown teak wood mirror is a combination of contemporary with modern art. The shade and design look classy and attractive to buy at just Rs. 6219.

This attractive brown shade mirror is Weighing 5kg its length is 20 inches and height is 26 inches.

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