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Quick Hacks Women Should Know To Make Their Lives Easier

Has your storeroom turned into a scandalous little tidbit? Join the club. We’re here to enable you to get your space ready with 13 astute storage room association hacks that don’t cost a lot. Keep in mind, where there’s a will, there’s a hack.

 1. Make way for the heels

On the off chance that you don’t have the advantage of a shoe storage room, paint and mount divider shaping on your room dividers or in your wardrobe. At that point drape your heels on the embellishment to clear floor space.

2. Twofold Your Space

Twofold your storage room space by circling two holders on an old soft drink can tab.

3. Hang Laundry

Get your dirty laundry out of the way by hanging it on the back of a door. To prop the bag open, apply a 14-inch embroidery hoop, purchased at your local craft supply store.

4. Flaunt Your Jewelry To Save Space

Free up surface space by displaying your jewelry on the wall. Just take an old frame lying around your house, paint it and add eye hooks for all your trinkets.

5. Stack Purses

Clear out piles of purses and remove the bags hanging around willy-nilly. That same lid rack you use in the kitchen works wonders in the closet to keep clutches and collapsible handbags organized.

6. Embellish Hangers

Super glue beads about 5 inches from the ends of hangers to keep camisoles and strappy dresses in place.

7. Towel Racks Does Wonders

When your closet is filled to the brim, clothes inevitably end up hanging on doors or draped over chairs. Optimize tiny closet space by screwing in towel racks on the back of your closet door.

8. DIY Drawer Dividers

When you don’t have drawer dividers within reach, whip your clutter into shape with old cereal or shoe boxes. First cut the boxes to the correct height, if need be. Then wrap them with decorative paper.

9. Let the knee-high boots be

Keep your boots upright and organized by stuffing them with pool noodles, cut to size. Plastic water bottles or old wine bottles work well, too.

10. Knot up the scarves

This is one of the handiest ways to hang scarves. Either tie them in a loose knot on a pants hanger or attach them to the hanger with shower curtain loops, and you’re good to go.

11. Store all the abandoned flip-flops and sandals

Magazine and paper dividers are perfect for storing summer sandals without being too bulky.

12. Organize your underwear drawer

Underwear drawers are notorious for being a wreck. Create your own dividers by spray painting 3-inch PVC pipes. Then place them in your top drawer for easy organization.

13. Create alternative closet space:

No rolling rack? No problem. Suspending a clean tree branch in your bedroom also allows for extra closet space. Since your clothes will be on display, hang your most eye-catching items.

To all women out there, keep going with these small hacks while we work on to get you more ideas and hacks to make your lives easier. Happy Hacking! (not the literal one)

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