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Got OCD For Water Rings? Table Coaster is Here To The Rescue!

For all the ‘Monicas’ in the house, this post is just for you! There are times when the super organisers of the house experience a high level of OCD. Well, the times here mean almost every other minute of the hour but we still love them. Their desire to put things in their right place with table coaster, and more often than not at right angles, is what makes the house look neat and well kept.

Now, wouldn’t you be excited to see a mix between such thought through an organisation of the house with a little quirky twist to it? We are sure you would. And if you are thinking of something big to be brought into your living room, just drop the weight because tiny little coasters can do the job for you.


Table Coasters are rather insignificant for most people, but once you get them you will not put down even a glass of water on the table before placing it on a table coaster. Traditionally, coasters had been quite dull and boring with just a simple wooden piece cut in either square or round shapes. But times have changed now and the generation-z demands a lot more from even a pack of coasters, let alone other stuff.

Coasters come in all varieties, ranging from different shapes to different prints and carving done on them. You can buy bollywood themed coasters for a hint of pop culture or go for owl patterned ones for a more subtle decor.


A pretty looking pack of coasters is sure to make both you guests as well as your living room lively. And for the ones who never use coasters in your house, these funky coasters are sure to make them addicted to using them for sure!


These table coasters are being used nowadays and its expected that within next 2-3 years more than 50% of Indian household will be having these coasters.

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