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Got a big family? Exclusive 8 Seater dining table set for you

These days furniture and furniture related products are more oriented towards smaller and nuclear family. Joint Family or families with more than 6 members are reducing rapidly but that doesn’t mean that those families having more than 6 members don’t deserve an exclusive and awesome dining table set. So if you got a big family or you got frequent visitors then 8 seater dining table sets are the best way to have an entire family on a single table. We would like to suggest few 8 seater dining table set for your family.


1. Acropolis Solid Wood Cushioned Eight Seater Dining Set

Acropolis cushioned 8 seater dining table set is a bold and seamless creation crafted from Sheesham wood. This dining set is simply a treat to an eye.


Key Features 


2. Kuzel Solid Wood Cushioned Eight Seater Dining Set

Kuzel solid wood cushioned dining set is a simple example of a modern and historical fusion. Made from a hardwood this dining table set gets a modern-day design.


Key Features 


3. Enkel Solid wood Eight Seater Dining Set 

Enkel solid wood dining table set is a reflection of contemporary and classical design. The classical design for this table set can easily complement any style of furniture.


Key Features 


4. Crescent Eight Seater Dining Set

Crescent dining table set is a modernly designed dining set crafted by Godrej interio. The beautiful colour combination makes it suitable for almost every living room.


Key Features 

  • Brand: Godrej Interio
  • Colour: Dark chocolate finish
  • Assembly: Assembly by Godrej Interio
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Collection: Crescent

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5. Jenn Eight Seater Dining Set

It’s is one of the best examples of a table set that will give you a feeling of ‘aww’. Designed with perfection, it will get you appreciation everytime from your visitors and family members.


Key Features 


6. Cappuccino Eight Seater Dining Set

Cappuccino dining table set is a blend of modern and stylish dining table set wrapped in simplicity. This is a perfect example of a regular day-to-day dining table at it’s best.


Key Features 

  • Brand: DHEP Furniture
  • Colour: Dark cappuccino
  • Assembly: Carpenter Assembly
  • Material: Engineered wood
  • Collection: Cappuccino

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7. Anitz Solid Wood Eight Seater Dining Set

Anitz solid wood dining set is a contemporary furniture. This dining set is nowhere less than a designer dining table set. Dual tone finish (Honey oak & Natural) for this table makes it simply ‘mindblowing’.


Key Features 

These are a  few selective dining sets that will complement your furniture and will add elegance to your home.  Hope this consolidated list of dining set helped you find your best one.







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