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Design your kitchen with the most affordable kitchen cabinets

Who doesn’t love a kitchen with a class and style? Kitchen cabinets help you achieve the right first impression and save you from the chaos. And a cabinet providing style and convenience within affordable prices is a luxury to have. So, check out the following list off the top 10 affordable kitchen cabinets and give the heart of your house a makeover-

• Libya engineered wood crockery cabinet

This walnut coloured and high-quality wood cabinet is a perfect choice if you want to protect your crockery from dirt. Find it on HomeTown

Original Price: 29,900 Rs.

Offer price: 12,900 Rs.

Photo from hometown

• Takeko kitchen cabinet in oak and abstract finish

The 32 inches high hutch cabinet by ‘Mintwud’ is a perfect choice for multipurpose utilization. You can store your crockery, grocery and place your oven safely. Find it on Pepperfry

Original Price: 10,997 Rs.

Offer price: 5,999 Rs.

Photo from Pepperfry

• Mint crockery unit in walnut finish

This one by ‘RoyalOak’ is a great option to protect and display your crockery at the same time. Find it on Pepperfry

Original price:21,100 Rs.

Offer price: 9,500 Rs.

Photo from Pepperfry

• Malena Hutch cabinet

You can use this beige coloured cabinet by ‘Evok’ to store your crockery, spices, oven and what not. Find it on Pepperfry.

Original price: 26,890 Rs.

Offer price: 9,441 Rs.

Photo from Pepperfry

• Furn Central engineered wood kitchen cabinet

With 11 shelves and 2 drawers, this cabinet promises to deliver the most at this price. Find it on Flipkart.

Original price: 22,999 Rs.

Offer price: 16,990 Rs.

Photo from Flipkart

PureWood Sheesham Cabinet

It’s a perfectly polished cabinet by ‘Perfect Homes’ that allows you to showcase and shield your kitchen valuables. Find it on Flipkart

Original Price: 30,058 Rs.

Offer price:14,290 Rs.

Photo from Flipkart

Crystal Furnitech Eadric Engineered Wood Kitchen Cabinet

What can be more perfect than a slick and smooth closet on which you can store a lot more than your crockery, it’s strong and sturdy to be used for heavy units such as microwaves. Find it on Flipkart

Original price:  14,846 Rs.

Offer price: 9,490 Rs.

Photo from Flipkart

Urban Ladder Rhodes Solid Wood Crockery Cabinet 

You will love this one for its compact design that takes a small space and can store a lot. Find it on Flipkart

Original price: 22,699 Rs.

Photo from Flipkart

Stafford Solid Wood Hutch Cabinet in Honey Oak Finish 

This sturdy cabinet by ‘Amberville’ is designed to give an antique look to your kitchen. Find it on Pepperfry

Original price: Rs.29,999

Offer price: Rs. 23,999

Photo from Pepperfry

Solid wood Kitchen Cabinet with teak finish

‘Amberville’ offers both class and quality for your kitchen with this Anne solid wood hutch cabinet with provincial teak finish. Find it on Pepperfry

Original price: Rs.30,624

Offer price: Rs.24,499

Photo from Pepperfry

Happy shopping!

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