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Best 5 Light Weighted dining table sets available online

Dining tables are a must have when we talk about home décor furniture. In fact, the furnishing at your home is incomplete without a dining table. In modern day fast paced life where there is a paucity of time dining tables are probably the only place where the whole family gets together.

Thus, irrespective of the size of the family dining table is seen is an essential furnishing element. However, the traditional heavy on weight dining tables is no more the popular pick. Light weighted dining tables are what that are making the cut among buyers.

With some awesome light weighted dining table set online, you don’t have to even go out for their search. The discounts and offers on dining table set online to make sure that your furniture shopping is a delightful experience.

So, if you are looking to get a light weighted dining table then check out these top 5 dining table set online and decide which one suits your style, budget, and preference.

Elite Four Seater Dining Set

This one is typical dining set with an attractive rustic look on it. The cushioning on the chair seats adds on to the comfort of dining. The light blue cushioning on brown background finish is eye-catching. 

Price: INR 10,499

Photo by Pepperfry

To buy Elite Four Seater Dining table, visit pepperfry

Caint Metallic Four Seater Dining Set

Talking about light weighted furniture this one comes in metallic construct. The absence of wood accords effective light weightiness to it. The black finish further adds to the charm. Light colour cushioning on the seat adds both to the comfort and style factor.

Price: INR 8,499

Photo by Pepperfry

To buy Caint Four Seater Table, visit Pepperfry.

Louis Solid Wood Two Seater Dining Set

For couples, this can be the perfect pick. Ethnic Indian design and rich honey oak finish is something that accords this product a unique look. In terms of seating comfort, the cushioning on the back along with the seat is really effective. 58% discount on it makes the deal an attractive option.

Price: INR 14,999

Photo by Pepperfry

To buy Louis Solid wood Two Seater Dining table, visit Pepperfry

San Diego Four Seater Dining Set

The glass top surface looks perfect on a light blue color theme. The richness of design and the use of attractive designing elements in the crafting of the chair are some USP of the product. With a 33% discount, this is not a bad deal at all.  

Price: INR 12,499

Photo by Pepperfry

To buy San Diego Dining table, visit Pepperfry

Segur Solid Wood Six/Eight Seater Dining Set

This one is a perfect dining option for a joint/big family. Raw wood rustic finish and simple design add to the charm of the product. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution then this the best dining table set online.

Price: INR 39,999

photo by Pepperfry

To buy this beautiful solid wood dining table, visit Pepperfry

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