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Advantage of Plastic Chairs over Wooden Chairs

Chairs have been manufactured in several forms like plastic chairs, wooden chairs, and metal chairs. From past some years, plastic chairs have changed the way of sitting with their colours, and shiny looks and of course lightweight as well. There are many important factors available which makes plastic chairs much important rather than wooden chairs. Let’s talk about the importance of plastic chair over the wooden chair.

1. The durability of the plastic chair over the wooden chair.

Chairs are a movable thing, which must be durable and it is certainly important, whether in schools or office or even at home. Wooden chairs are said to be very big in size and they are quite heavy in weight, it is true that wooden chairs are very strong with thick and heavy woodwork, but in a routine life you can’t move a wooden chair from here and there. But plastic chairs are very lightweight; even a child can move a chair, where ever he wants.

2. Budget Friendly

Wooden chairs are quite expensive rather than plastic chairs. The maintenance of wooden chair is also very costly for cleaning and polishing, but on the other side, plastic chairs are cheaper in price and do not require much maintenance.

3. Eco-friendly

Wooden chairs take lots of life of trees and forests to make them, which is harmful to our environment, but plastic chairs make with polypropylene chemicals which can be recycled after uses, So plastic chairs are more eco-friendly rather than wooden chairs.

4. Maintenance

Wooden chairs demand much maintenance and care, but plastic chairs don’t. Wooden chairs can be damaged by water and the maintenance will cost you a lot, but on the other side plastic chair does not require any such maintenance, you can roughly use them, you can wash them and make them better again.


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