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8 Most Expensive Courtyard Bar Stools in India

Courtyard bar stools are generally used for outdoor purposes. These courtyard bar stools are preferred in lawn, outhouses, open bar, and farmhouse etc. People who spend money on luxury and art would prefer to flaunt these expensive courtyard bar stools. These courtyard bar stools carry a very high price tag which makes it affordable only for selected people. Their range is from Rs. 60,000 to 172,000.

  8. Montreux 30′ stool -  Tropitone

This stool for your courtyard is a swivel design with padded sling seat. This piece of art is available in different sizes as per the requirement.
Price for this stool is Rs. 61,425

  7. Kamala Bay swivel stool

This kind of stools is best suited for beach houses because of its elegant design. It’s made of rattan with leather binding and padded seat.
Price for this stool is Rs. 74,685

  6. Three coin cast Catalina swivel stool

This stool is made from solid cast aluminum and is hand painted. This is probably the finest piece of art and is available in the custom finish as well.
Price for this beauty is Rs. 74,750

 5. Napa swivel bar stool

This stool is a weatherproof stool made with the aluminum frame, a white coated finish and ultraviolet resistant fibers.
 It’s for retro fans. One of a classy and expensive courtyard bar stool.
Price for this bar stool is Rs. 86,385

  4. Cushion Barstool: seasonal living

 This kind of stools is best suited in contemporary courtyards. It’s made from teakwood. This courtyard bar stools can also be used as an indoor bar stool. So it serves a dual purpose as well.
Estimated price for this stool is Rs. 99,450

  3. Island Estate lanai stool: Tommy Bahama outdoor

This store is designed by Tommy Bahama Outdoor. It’s one of the luxurious piece made of all-weather rattan.
As its Tommy Bahama designed, it’s mandatory for your courtyard bar.
Price for this stool is approx.  Rs. 137,150

 2. Royal Kahala swivel stool: Tommy Bahama outdoor

It’s one of the most elegant and luxurious stool. It’s swivel rocker bar stool with the black sand finish. This courtyard outdoor stool is worth its value. Designed by Tommy Bahama the are also being used as indoor furniture.
 Price for this piece of art is Rs. 167,700

 1. Blue Oliver 26′ stool: Tommy Bahama outdoor

It’s the most expensive stool. This stool is something only luxurious and rich people can afford. This outdoor bar stool is simply exceptional and most elegantly designed.
Price for this stool is Rs. 172,250.


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