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5 Interesting Facts About Wooden Chairs You Should Know

Wooden Chairs are very useful for us because they make our life smooth and easy, different kind of chairs used for decorating the house and the office. Did you ever think that when was the first wooden chair invented and how does it come into existence?  

Wooden chairs have become one essential part while designing furniture for the home. Here are 5 interesting facts you never knew about wooden chairs.

1. Wooden chairs are popular from the 16th century.

Thousands of years ago, people preferred to rest on wooden chairs and this used to consider as the symbol of royalty. Only rich and famous people used to have wooden chairs in their houses.

2. Charles Darwin invented the all-in-one Office chair.

The popular office chairs which actually make you feel very comfortable and relaxed, yet very few people know this interesting fact that the famous scientist Charles Darwin had discovered the brilliant idea to make office chairs with wheels, and he invented his own very first office chair around the year 1840.

3. Wooden chairs never get out of style.

Wooden chairs are always on trend and still popular. Wooden chairs are primary need of home decoration in many houses.

4. Wooden chairs have a very long life.

They never get old and out of fashion.  You can make their look brand new again, by simply polishing them.

5. Wooden Chairs are eco-friendly.

They are environment-friendly because wood is a naturally renewable resource. Moreover, it demands less maintenance.  


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