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5 Color Combinations For Your Room You Can’t Resist

We, Indians, pay very little heed to the color of our walls and make a great deal out of the color on the outer walls of the house. We worry about all the furniture that goes in, the color of the curtains, the wall clock and a lot of other things without realizing a good color combination inside a room can make it more lively and make you feel incredibly good about it.

So, today let us go ahead and look at some classic and aesthetic color combinations for your rooms.

1. The serenity of the Pastel

Pastels aren’t always meant to be dull or gloomy if done rightly. They can be the most soothing and calming.

Also, the rumor you hear around the corner, ‘Light colors make your room look bigger’, is partly true with pastels in your room and of course the rest depends on your furniture placement combined with your actual room space.

The key is to stick to the color story of mute pastels. You could go with one color but different tones of it or a single pastel shade with different textures, shapes and finishes.

2. Don’t be scared of the Bold

You must have not come across a lot of rooms with a bold color, say black, as the dominant color of the room color contrasts!

The trick is to keep it minimal around and let the color do the talking. Count on light contrasts with it; light colored bed sheets, sofas, curtains, etc to begin with. Dark spaces also amplify rooms with little natural light.

3.  Boho is the trend of the hour

Colors like hues of yellow combined with dark red or burnt orange are enough to bring the bohemian essence of the room.

These are the commonly used colors yet outstanding always.

The furniture plays an important role in this combination to bring out the real vibe of the room. Go for some vintage wall hanging or wall clocks and classics in terms of rest of the stuff around the room.

4. You never go wrong with Grey

Grey being a dominant color opens huge options for you to pick up. Pop one color with grey, say orange; with grey all around but the orange lighting would be the popping element.

Colors like lemon green or yellow do utter justice to the bring up the mood of the room combined with grey.

You can choose any one subtle or popping color with grey and you are good to go.

5.  A little bit of Royal is what we want

Looking forward to make your perfectly small-cosy bedroom look like one of the majestic bedroom of a palace? Then, tones of purple and magenta are your colors. The sultry and smokey bring around just the perfect for all the royal feels.

Combine purple with burnt orange or magenta with a lighter shade of the same family along with some golden setting in the room and make another bow before you.

Always know how you want your room to look like and there are plenty of options out there to make turn your imagination into reality. Get, set, go with these combinations. Happy Painting!

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